"With Omega Sun®  I find I need less sleep
and still wake up
refreshed early in the
morning, something I never used to be able to do."

Sharon Wenger, CA

Almost 30 years ago, at 21, I had two traumatic brain injuries that left me paralyzed on the right side of my body. I have had difficulty speaking and finding words. When I met Jill Marie, she mentioned the mental focus in Omega Sun. I was skeptical at first, but over time my limbs and cognitive thinking are improving. My cognitive "delay" is much better now. Currently, I am pursuing my MSW and the focus I get from Omega Sun is really helping me reach my academic goals

Kendrick Kemp, NY

"When I started eating Omega Sun ® in 1990, I stopped growing and drinking my daily portion of several ounces of freshly pressed wheat grass juice, which had been my routine for three years, because the Omega Sun®  algae was giving me even more clear and sustainable mental energy."

Colin Hillstrom,
British Columbia, Canada

"Omega Sun®  creates the spark that ignites action and clarity!"

Christine K. Banta, RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Iowa

My friend offered me some Liquid Omega Sun®  when I was about to give a marketing consultation and had told her I "just couldnĀ“t wake up that morning." In less than 20 minutes, I felt more focused and clear than I ever had before! I wanted that green stuff!"

Nanci Powell, CA

I used to become spacey and confused if I didn't eat every few hours. Then I began eating Cell Tech's Omega Sun®, and I could think so much more clearly, even when I was really hungry."

Claire Mandeville, NC

Whether you're climbing a rock mountain, working at the office, or studying for an exam, we have an all natural solution for enhanced mental clarity.

17 years ago I stumbled across a "Wild" solution to enhance my mental clarity

Back in the days while I was going to graduate school for a reading degree, I found a wild-crafted whole food product called Omega Sun®  that I turned to again and again for mental clarity to keep me focused on my studies.

I'm convinced that the enhanced mental clarity has a positive effect on every area of my life. Over the years, it has continued to help me through many emotional downs and crises. Even when I suddenly became a single mom with four kids, this product helped me keep calm. Within ten minutes after I take this product, my problems may still be there, but I am able to handle them much more easily.

Now, as an educator, an adjunct reading/English instructor in a community college, I have found that this product continues to improve my concentration, not to mention my mood, when I'm teaching, writing, or preparing creative, stimulating work for my students!

Even world class athletes use this product

Dan O'Brien, famous Olympic decathlon gold medalist, uses this product to enhance his focus during his athletic endeavors.

Adults, children, and pets achieve great benefits from this amazing product

When a significant person to me, who is prone to sadness and anger, takes the product and seems to turn into a different person entirely, how can I help but share it? I have seen over-stimulated children and adults gain more focus and positive energy and I've even seen my pets' minor behavior problems diminish.

There seems to be a mind-body connection because, in addition to enhanced mental clarity and calm, I've gotten so much more energy and renewed strength. Finally, at age 57, my cholesterol reading is in the range of 99 to 101, another possible benefit of this product.

I've shared with you what this product has done for me. I don't know if it will do the same for you, but why not give it a try? It comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Who would have thought that enhanced mental clarity would come from the bottom of the food chain!

This natural product gives me clear, clean, side-effect-free sustained energy all day long. Omega SunĀ® is a calming product that supports the body to fight mood swings, mental fogginess, forgetfulness and irritability. What is Omega Sun®  and where does it come from? Omega Sun®  is the heart of blue green algae, with the cell wall carefully removed through a special separation process, providing nutritional assurance for the mind. I never would have thought that enhanced mental clarity could be found at the bottom of the food chain.

This blue green algae is derived from Klamath Lake in southern Oregon. This blue green algae lives in a unique eco-system formed by a huge volcano (now Crater Lake) that erupted and spread rich sediment and ash on the lake's floor. The result of this eruption is a life-sized petri dish of wild-crafted algae rich in amino acids and minerals.

Why are there such tremendous "mental clarity" benefits from the Omega Sun®  ?

Well, unlike other algaes, that you'll find in the nutrition store, Omega Sun®  is the blue green algae with the glycogen cell wall removed. The resulting low molecular weight, in turn, allows the algae to pass through the blood-brain barrier and feed and enhance brain activity, thus leading to enhanced mental clarity. Omega Sun®  contains beta carotene, essential fatty acids and 2 to 3% chlorophyll, making it one of the richest sources of this vital nutrient in existence. Furthermore, even if you eat raw, organic food, you cannot feed your brain with such an abundance of amino acids as you can do with Cell Tech's Omega Sun®  .

Enhance your mental clarity today!

For over 26 years Simplexity Health has been perfecting the manufacturing of this amazing product and NOW it's your turn to experience Omega Sun®  .

Choose one of the following options:


One 120 count bottle of Omega Sun® 

120 vegetarian capsules = $38.00, item code #31-102-00
120 vegetarian tablets = $37.00, item code #31-104-00


One 240 count bottle of Omega Sun® 

240 vegetarian capsules - $71.00, item code #31-103-00
240 vegetarian tablets = $69.00, item code #31-105-00


One 480 count bottle of Omega Sun®

480 vegetarian tablets = $125.00


All in all, for around a dollar to two a day (the price of a cup of coffee), you can experience enhanced mental clarity all day long with Omega Sun®  , our all natural solution! Why wait? Give yourself the gift of enhanced mental clarity right away! Opt for priority mail, and you can usually get your order in two to three days. Our products come with a 90-day money back guarantee. That is, if you are not completely satisfied with our product, you can return it, even the empty bottles, for a full refund.

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